Kiki Petratou

artistic research - audiovisual - analytical - exchange - mobility

My activities as artist, curator and gallery owner are being intertwined, shifted if not totally blurred. I try to answer the questions that guide my artistic practice sometimes through curating other artists, other times through my own work. I believe in the model of the artist that co-operates with his fellow artists within the frame of contemporaneity. I am interested in examining how exchange and co-operation tactics may function as strategies used to stimulate social and cultural capital. My work focuses on concepts of place, location, mobility and identity. As photographer and video artist I embrace the fluidity of the mediums' properties to document the raw and real and, contrastingly, also to stage and style the less real. Subsequently although my photographic series and video installations keep a connection to the documentary recording they simultaneously transform everyday reality. More specifically the resulting works employ the medium's properties of time and space to investigate physical and social bounderies.