objects - painting - design - sculpting

The Dutch artists Henk Bezemer and Frank van Oosten have been working together since the early 90s under the common name Mishmash from their studio in the center of Rotterdam.
They make assemblages and paintings and design complete interiors for hotels and public spaces, often in combination with art.
Their assemblages are loved by collectors. For this, the men of Mishmash collect various objects such as antique and worn utensils, jewelry and natural finds. In their assemblies they combine these everyday materials with pronounced expensive materials; chosen for their aesthetics, their emotional charge or brute force. The works of art composed from this are sometimes reminiscent of antique showpieces or fetish images. For Mishmash, there is no hierarchy of material. In the end, the point is that an aesthetic work of art has been made and that the big differences will say something about our thinking as a viewer.
Mishmash makes wall and ceiling paintings on commission.