Ria van der Burg

painting - photography

The starting point for my paintings, watercolors and photos is the amazement of what I see around me such as flowers, animals, landscapes and spaces. The magic of the small everyday things that seem to rise above themselves.
I give these subjects an emotional, symbolic or psychological charge by making use of certain light effects and intensive colors.
Some of the themes are:
• Vitality and (sexual) strength
• Link
• Vulnerability
• Spirituality: connection of earth and air or immortality
• The path you are going
• Connection between inside and outside: the relationship between an inner world of experience and the (outside) world.
So what I find fascinating is making invisible things visible or tangible, such as human emotions, location and how you relate to your environment. Sometimes you can see this in the titles such as: “Reflection” or “Vulnerability”. But most of the time the titles are descriptive, so that everyone can associate themselves.