Art Office is one of the programs of CBK Rotterdam. It informs and advises, mediates and finances Rotterdam visual artists with regard to their visual professional practice.

CBK Rotterdam reinforces the position of the individual visual artist and in doing so, shows the power and dynamics of visual arts in a city like Rotterdam.

Art Office manages the financing arrangements of CBK Rotterdam and offers an extensive database in which the Rotterdam artists and their collaborations are presented.

Professional visual artists who live or work in Rotterdam and who actively contribute to the art climate in Rotterdam can register with CBK Rotterdam.


Secretariat Art Office
(for general questions, registrations, Incidental Contribution Abroad)

Petra Laaper
(Development and Research grant, CBK R'dam Fonds Kwadraat, Dresden residence)

Caro van der Pluijm
(Investment contribution, City activities)


Rotterdam artists can go here first of all to register and then also to request financing contributions that CBK Rotterdam offers. In addition, the site offers a community for all registered artists where everyone can ask work related questions to fellow artists - together you always know more. Only artists who are registered can respond to these messages. Finally, there are the Tips & Calls where we try to provide as much information as possible to support your professional practice.


If you are logged in as a registered artist you can update your artist page. This page will then be visible in the 'By Rotterdam artists' section, the audience section of this website. You can also enter current exhibitions and other events in the agenda. Funding contributions are made visible in the allocations section.