Register as a visual artist

Who can register?
Professional visual artists with an autonomous professional practice can register for registration at CBK Rotterdam. Only visual artists who live in the municipality of Rotterdam and thus contribute to the art climate in Rotterdam are eligible. Applications for registration are assessed by Art Office on professionalism.

Visual artists with an active / professional visual professional practice and those resident is in the municipality of Rotterdam or one of the following municipalities: Barendrecht, Capelle a / d IJssel, Lansingerland and Schiedam, Maassluis and Vlaardingen can apply for registration with CBK Rotterdam. All applications will be tested for professionalism on various components, after which it will be decided whether the artist will be registered.

Artists who do not live in one of the above municipalities and who are currently registered with the Art Office, will shortly receive a letter that they will be deregistered. So having a studio alone in Rotterdam is no longer enough.
By very specifically naming these other municipalities, Art Office can offer visual artists who may now move from Rotterdam due to shortages on the housing market, but who remain in the area and are active, to register. At the same time, this also creates a clear demarcation.

Visual artists who graduated from an accredited Dutch art academy in an autonomous direction less than three years ago can provisionally register for a period of three years from their graduation date with their diploma and a completed online registration form. They are then assessed for their professionalism.
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You can register at any time. You will receive the result within two months.

Why register?

  • Artists who are registered with CBK Rotterdam will be able to make their own webpage on this website to present their work. This database has an extensive search function and you can highlight your current exhibitions. Through the site you can also get in touch with fellow artists in Rotterdam and you can read our Tips & Calls.
  • You can use various CBK Rotterdam (financing) schemes to support your professional practice. Applications are done online.
  • CBK Rotterdam has a broad network and can act as an intermediary between artists themselves and other parties.
  • CBK Rotterdam can generate publicity for the artist about, for example, awarded projects.
  • If you register as an artist you automatically receive the Tips & Calls newsletter with information that supports your professional practice. If you also wish to stay informed about the public program of CBK Rotterdam, such as debates, events, openings, new artworks and exhibitions, then register separately for the CBK Rotterdam newsletter.
  • A registration with CBK Rotterdam also makes it possible to registrater with SKAR (Stichting Kunstaccommodatie Rotterdam) for studio spaces.
  • As a visual artist you can turn to Art Office for advice and information for your professional practice.

For more information you can contact Art Office:

Decision We assess applications for registration three times a year. You will receive a written notification about the result of the assessment within one month of the relevant deadline.