Anastasia Kholmova

schilderen - tekenen

As an artist, I grew up in Russia. I experienced a significant influence of my native country. Russian nature reflects in my colours, Russian art does in my style, and people do in the scenes I paint.
Things happening around me give me ideas about what to paint. My family and my life are often topics of my artworks. I tell about childhood and parenthood, about migration, about the difficulties and pleasures in our lives. Every my painting continues the previous one, you can read them as a story.
I always look for something unique in the usual and try to recognize the usual in unique. It is the way I perceive the world. So, I try to present something new and exciting with each artwork. To achieve it, I mix painting styles and mediums looking for the most expressive techniques.
My artworks represent my personal experience, moments of my life: the wedding, the birth of my son, the moving to another country. Such events make everyone's life. If we love them, we love our life. That is I want to break through to people.

Tutor, Artist