Carmen José

tekenen - educatie - artistiek onderzoek - zine - samenwerking

Carmen José is an artist and art educator interested in questioning the reproduction of visual stereotypes, with focus on embodied processes. In her work she aims to facilitate spaces for dialogue and coming together.

AIR Gallery

Residenties / uitwisseling

  • 16-02-2020 t/m 29-02-2020
  • In samenwerking met: Chander Haat
  • Locatie: AG/40/19/4, khudiram pally Sarsuna, Kolkata
  • Chander Haat White Cubes project is an instant creation to emphasize that we, who bind as a community of art practitioners need to connect our art with our masses. They planned around 30 artifacts, to be executed on site, across an entire rural landscape in Baghpota; where they originally initiated their collective practice 30 years ago. In the project I was invited to develop one of the white cubes, which ended up being an AIR Gallery of self-made kites with recycled plastic and drawings.

Under The Mango Tree


  • 01-02-2020 t/m 15-02-2020
  • In samenwerking met: Visva-Bharati University
  • Locatie: Shantiniketan, Santiniketan
  • Under The Mango Tree is a self-organized gathering of unlearning, co-curated by Sepake Angiama, Sanchayan Ghosh, Tara Lasrado. I was invited as a contributor to share my research Lines of Movement, on exercising collective visual criticality. The aim of this research is to explore movement practices that use methods of embodiment to reflect and connect with the action of drawing to develop tools to promote critical thinking and in between spaces for questioning.

Lines of Movement


  • 01-12-2019 t/m 31-03-2020
  • In samenwerking met: O&O Research grant
  • Locatie: Bornerveld 169, Rotterdam
  • We draw lines that move from our heads over our bodies to our hands and finally onto the paper. We train head and hand, but how can we train the whole body for unlearning drawing? A research on exercising collective visual criticality. Questioning as an action of change, of transformation. Bringing together a set of diverse movement exercises to establish critical reflection on visualization processes through the act of drawing.

Future Field


  • 01-05-2020 t/m 31-12-2020
  • In samenwerking met: Future Field Collective
  • Locatie: Bornerveld 169, Rotterdam
  • We are a collective of six artists based in Zuidwijk with an interest in the process of gardening as growing and nurturing with a focus on local and collective knowledge. We have been exploring and conducting field research together throughout 2020 in the form of walks, organizing workshops, cooking and creating children's activity packs for the Corona period for children at the De Toermalijn School.

Growing Space

Tentoonstelling / presentatie

  • 01-07-2020 t/m 31-12-2020
  • In samenwerking met: NAC
  • Locatie: Wielewaal, Rotterdam
  • Growing Space is a cultural and social place for the Wielewaal, of and for neighbors and artists, to come together (especially) in the corona-time. The exhibitions organized there can be visited from outside through the wooden platform where people can stay at a safe distance from each other. Every week there is one exhibition and an activity that bring the neighbors into conversation with the participating artists. This project was initiated by Carmen José and Kamiel Verschuren (NAC).


  • Onderzoeks- en Ontwikkelingssubsidies (OandO) research grant by CBK

  • 2019
  • Bienal Miradas de Mujeres, MAV

  • 2018
  • Abschluss und Engagierte Stipendium, University Kassel

  • 2016
  • Price for "Dickköpfigkeit" for the proyect Papiercafé, Unikat-Agentur Kassel

  • 2015
  • “Kwark Okk” sprach die Krähe

  • 2020
  • Graphic storytelling
  • Rotopol - Nina Kaun, Rita Fürstenau, Ines Christine Geißer, Carmen José and Kirsten Carina Geißer
  • Das Wesen der Stimme

  • 2019
  • Voice therapy
  • Edition Stimme Koop - Sabine Koop and Carmen José
  • AnEducation documenta14

  • 2018
  • Art education
  • Archive Books - Sepake Angiama and Clare Butcher (editors), Carmen José (visual annotations)

  • 2017
  • Visual poetry
  • Rotopol and Barbara Fiore Editora - Carmen José
  • Collections of Contemporary Works of Art on Paper

  • 2014
  • Handling and exhibition guide
  • Fundación Mapfre - Jorge García Gómez-Tejedor and Pilar Montero Vilar