Daniel Tuomey

sculptuur - gender

My work deals with the construction of masculine subjectivities through space and storytelling. I use a wide range of materials - often returning to drawing, furniture, and improvised forms of puppetry - to investigate the physical and narrative orthopedics that constitute the desiring, powerful, ridiculous, rational, and violent embodied male subject of patriarchy. The audience sees these male figures through the prisms of architecture, national identity, love songs, museums, speeches and other constructions.

a dialogue with my point four child


  • 17-12-2019 t/m 17-12-2019
  • Locatie: The Bachelor Pad Museum, Rotterdam
  • A father / son recitation in the Bachelor Pad Museum, Rotterdam for xmas 2019
  • https://youtu.be/tKGBmIQucyk

The Bachelor Pad Museum

Tentoonstelling / presentatie

  • 15-06-2019 t/m 17-12-2019
  • Locatie: The Bachelor Pad Museum, Rotterdam
  • A critical and experimental house museum in my flat. The work explored how modernist dreams of new forms of domesticity relied on the continuing exploitation of women, children, and servants, and how the institutionalized aftermath of those dreams survives through the medium of the house museum. The figure of the Bachelor was employed as a site of potential for compulsory heterosexual regimes, whose parameters could be shifted and potential wasted by reconfiguration of the space he occupies.
  • https://danieltuomey.info/the-bachelor-pad-museum/

The Beatles Monster / The Bealtes Machine (exhibition: Sesamstraat)

Tentoonstelling / presentatie

  • 09-11-2018 t/m 16-11-2018
  • In samenwerking met: Ghost (curator)
  • Locatie: Het Gemaal Op Zuid, Rotterdam
  • As part of the exhibition Sesame Street I presented The Beatles Monster / The Beatles Machine, a work comprised of a static puppet show and a series of mixed media drawings positioning the Beatles as a single melted together male subject. The work explored the way the 1960s legacy of community and love has survived and refracted through mediation, memory, mimicry and myth.
  • https://danieltuomey.info/#/the-beatles-monster-the-beatles-machine/

The Bachelor Party (performance event: BAFGFF)


  • 28-03-2018 t/m 28-03-2018
  • Locatie: De Player, Rotterdam
  • I presented a puppet show / polyphonic monologue, in which I played the role of a bartender speaking for all the men lined up at his bar. The drinkers were represented by assemblages of domestic and studio material, each speaking in a different tone and register. Together they formed an uneasy collective awaiting the arrival of a heroic Bachelor who never showed up. To pass the time they awkwardly discussed the Bachelor's upcoming marriage and delivered strange performative set-pieces.
  • https://www.deplayer.nl/events/bafgff-karl-holmqvist-hantrax-daniel-tuomey

Architectures for One (exhibition: Change Nothing)

Tentoonstelling / presentatie

  • 20-07-2018 t/m 27-07-2018
  • In samenwerking met: Panos Giannikopoulos (curator)
  • Locatie: Snehta, Athens
  • This work was produced as the culmination of the Snehta residency program in Athens. A psychogeographic mapping of the neighborhood of Fokionos Negri, crystallizing characters from its dense streets, faltering kiosks, and stacked "polykatoikia" apartment buildings. A ghostly recorded voice - at once naive tourist and experienced hustler - hung among the installation, sycophantically attempting to sell the items on display to the audience.
  • https://www.snehtaresidency.org/change-nothing


Tentoonstelling / presentatie

  • 09-04-2021 t/m 28-05-2021
  • In samenwerking met: Available and the Rat, WET Film, CBK O&O
  • Locatie: Available and the Rat, Rotterdam
  • A frame-by-frame animation made at home during the 2020 coronavirus lockdowns, departing from Mary Shelley's 1818 novel. The work was shown in a two part IRL/online exhibition in April-May 2021, first screened for a month in Available & The Rat, Rotterdam, then hosted online for a further month at wetfilm.org. Frankenstein was kindly supported by an O&O (research & development subsidy) from CBK Rotterdam.
  • https://danieltuomey.info/frankenstein/