Driessens en van den Baar WANDSCHAPPEN

textiel - sociaal-maatschappelijk - soft sculptures - figuratief - design

Nicole Driessens and Ivo van den Baar WANDSCHAPPEN work in two practices: autonomous art and design. The artists are extremely sensitive to their environment and they actively contribute to improving it. The same happens at locations where they work. Their Art does not solve problems, but is capable of generating awareness. In this sense, their motivation as an artist is a form of social activism.

An icon, the felt plant, functions in both the art and design world. The appearance of windowsill plants in empty houses indicates the location of people who have found a place to stay in Rotterdam Charlois after wandering through Europe. Mountains of bulky waste, with plants, are the last witnesses of families who have left headlong for refusing a residence permit. All works find their way via galleries, fairs and design platforms to corporate collections, institutions and private individuals. The symbiosis between these worlds is just as natural as the creation of the various works together.