Eva Olthof

archieven - publieke ruimte - publicatie - geschiedenis - DIY

Eva Olthof’s (Nijmegen, 1983) work often relies on particular historical contexts she unearths from public archives and libraries. She documents and rearranges the history of specific locations and events through fieldwork, systematic archiving and photographic documentation. In the course of this process of selection, she wilfully submits to coincidence, subjectivity and ambiguity. Once she has fully absorbed these narratives, she translates them into installations, publications and performances. Olthof lives and works in Rotterdam and graduated from the Dutch Art Institute in Arnhem. She worked as an artist in residence at Künstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin, CRAC Valparaíso, Chile and at Cemeti Art House in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. At the moment she focuses on the project Public Library Of - an art project that examines how to make the public library a (more) democratic place by collectively rethinking its current state, through means of art, history, philosophy and publishing.