Honey Jones Hughes

publieke ruimte - documentair - educatie - sociaal-maatschappelijk - uitwisseling

My approach to art-making is research-based, working through learning processes, and often borrowing techniques more attuned to anthropological studies. My work gathers collections of different elements, including video, conversations, interviews, workshops and text which curate snapshots into lives, places, or social groups at particular moments in time. These collections manifest as an exploration of place-making through micro-archives of interactions, which question where we are and how we live here.

Since 2020 I have been collaborating with Antonio de la Hera, mapping the production, processing and distribution of edible produce within and surrounding the city of Rotterdam. We are currently building a body of research concerning the surrounding agricultural sector, defining ethics in food production, and questioning locality and scale. Working through thoughts of sustainability, local resources, regenerative agriculture, in addition to personally thinking on project legacies and how projects can be used rather than viewed.