Johannes Steendam

Abstract - conceptueel - Community - schilderen - geschiedenis

Oilfields -

The Oilfields are abstract compositions of lines and fields made with used motor oils on paper. An unusual medium, but a medium nonetheless, that has had its journey through time on this planet and is part of the journey in time. But onlooking the oilfields it also resonates and on a personal, individual, level. And as an artist to gain knowledge through working and painting with this new material. To what can be discovered through painting and creating images. About looking and contemplating.

For it is so much more than just the unusual medium, the love for the experiment proceeds in finding out how it can be used to create a layered artform, with depth, adding to the fast and global art collection and the styles through art history. To find its place inside the diverend art forms and plasticism. So that is where time and space meet each other. The spaces that get created by this process between the lines and strokes generate a contrast of transparency, lightness versus dark, above and beyond.