My Advice to Eva - Installation view Installation 2019 My Advice to Eva describes a seemingly normalized world, which analyzes a whole series of facts and situations full of doubts, questions and strangeness. Something that, from the digital and virtual spheres and using persuasive technology generates, in the perfect society, moods contrary to those it promotes: dissatisfaction, feeling of social maladjustment, frustration for achievements that are not easily achieved or simply a state of eternal tedium, which nourishes narcissism.
Plural Being. I am the others, the others are me - *Installation view Espai 13, Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona Installation 2017 (ES/NL) Plural Being. I am the others, the others are me reflects the constant search for calm in a hectic society. Through a theme park scenario, the exhibition attempts to answer a series of questions about the times we live in, the things we yearn for, and the rewards we expect in return for our day-to-day efforts. The installation that recreates a phantomscape through a series of sculptural elements, mantric sounds, suspended images and performative elements that plunge visitors into a space of sublimation and estrangement. A reflection on personal space and on the body as testing ground that questions the human condition in a hyperconnected era. As they make their way through the room, visitors become aware of different voices that form part of the exhibition. A polyphony generated by the repetition of the titles of the works that creates an altered state of consciousness, over images that are represented as parodic acts but also exude humour, cynicism, and shreds of defeat.
GLOBAL WINDSHIELD THE MUSICAL - Exhibition documentation 2018, 18’55’’, colour sound 3channel video (NL/ES) Global Windshield, The Musical replicates the state of hypnosis produced by the prolonged driving in a highly predictable environment in order to rethink, propose and imagine preferable futures. A trip in a scenario in completely disconnection with nature that investigates from the most human the sensation of loss of control, failure and impotence. The songs in the video explore how we ignore the signs that manifest around us to live in a world anesthetized by the promises and hopes that technologies offer us. If the traces of our past have become virtual and our present is delivered to a world whose greatest treasure is the data archived as zeros and ones. What proportion of reality remains tangible?
I’m sick of thinking that my dead friends have gone to the Canary Island - Documentation image Screening performance 60 min 2016 (NL/ES) I’m sick of thinking that my dead friends have gone to the Canary Islands is a screening performace divided in 3 acts: Earth Garden, Apocalyptic Visions and The Aldi Chapel. Tourism, Exile, Limousine, Cultural Animator, Casino, Facebook, Dancing Controllers, Culture Club, Aquagym, Pilgrimage and Zumba are some of the elements that form the backdrop of the performance. I’m sick of thinking that my dead friends have gone to the Canary Islands proposes a scenario to manifest and materialize leisure, images and actions that we consume as entertainment and spectacle, through an uninhibited attitude to cultural beliefs.
LIFE OF OUR PROGRESSIVE THINKERS - still frame Video fullHD stereo17’15’’ 2013 (ES/USA) Life of our Progresive thinkers is an speculative fiction recreated in a structure that contains two projections installation. The projects it is a journey without restriction by the boundaries of time: “Humanity always expects in the future, a moment , someone or something to explain what we today find inexplicable. The uncertainty of the story is the reason that the future offers us a new horizon. It is the concern of the story that drives the power of presumption and perspective.”
SOFT MUD AND THE FANBOY - still frame Video fullHD stereo, 15’00’’ 2012 (ES/MX) Soft Mud and the Fanboy is a video installation that explores the construction of actions and the reception of myths by spectators, taking as its leitmotiv a musical story and the experience of certain “fanatic-affective” occurrences.
MOHAI - still frame Video fullHD 12'50'' 2010 (ES/NL) Nane and Carina are two marginal characters that try to resolve their empty existence with the incorporation of an Inca totem that they identify as a "Mohai" into their lives. Their irrational view of life is what pushes Nane and Carina to start a journey back home with Mohai. Their utopian mission doesn't allow them to give up on their crazy idea.