Vera Mennens

audiovisueel - film - schrijven - natuur - artistiek onderzoek

Artist Vera Mennens (b. 1991), co-founder of at7 project space, lives and works in Rotterdam. Throughout her practice, Vera Mennens’s main research is on the question of how you can research history and historiography as an artist. Her works balance on the borders of fact and fiction, and while unraveling the past and present, she questions how the archive helps to construct and preserve our collective and personal memory and what the future of that archive can be. Her network of research comes together in constellations of overlapping images taken from public and personal archives, accompanied and brought together by a narrative. Her works provide a site of relations across time and place that invites to take a position between the collective and personal, fact and fiction, past and present in order to determine new perspectives and methods on the research on histories of western Europe.