Anna Bierler

ecologie - publicatie - experimenteel

Anna Bierler works with the medium of writing, through process based publishing, installations, reading groups and poetry. Her artistic practice stems from graphic design: she makes publications that explore how ecological narratives are experienced and disseminated. She focuses on the role language plays in the design of our imaginations and explores how using time as a design material can shape new perspectives that remedy fractured relationships with nature and alleviate eco-anxiety. Anna has taught at Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam; ArtEZ, Zwolle; the University of Antwerp and the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. She has hosted workshops at Zone2Source, Amsterdam; Hackers and Designers, Amsterdam; and StrandLab; Almere. Her work has been presented at Suzi Project Space, Amsterdam; Auftakt Festival Cologne; Onomatopoeia Eindhoven; Casco Art Institute in Utrecht; CLOUD Dance Lab in the Hague. Since 2022 Anna co-organizes the poetry collective OOOReading Club in Rotterdam

GROUNDING EXERCISE - poem — performed during auftakt festival, cologne — watch me thinking, watch me trying — DE, 2023
STONE NETWORK: BUILT OUT OF MEMORY - collective writing session — hosted in the zulip chat room of Hackers and Designers — HDSA2022: Connecting Otherwise — with Marit Mihklepp — NL, 2022
STONE NETWORK: BECOMING A STONE - workshop and towels with instructions — Field Academy at StrandLAB Almere and Zone2Source — with Marit Mihklepp — NL, 2022
SHARED CONDITIONS - collective writing workshop — Gemene Grond, Utrecht — NL, 2022
AND TO THE RUSHING WATER, SPEAK - performance and silent walk — Gemene Grond, Utrecht — NL, 2022
STONE NETWORK RESIDENCY - self organized residency, spatial set up, radio broadcast — CLOUD Danslab and Good Times Bad Times Radio — with Marit Mihklepp — NL, 2022
AND DEEP DEEP HOLES AND TRACKS AND TRACES AND CHANGES, - reader design for SOFTER MARKS — Sandberg Instituut graduation show 2021 at HetHEM — with Hannah Rose Whittle — NL, 2021
CLOUDY, CLOUDY IS THE STUFF OF STONES - symposium — Rietveld Pavilion and — NL, 2021
SOFT SPOT - a spatial set up consisting of a wool felted rug and pillows — Sandberg Instituut graduation show 2021 at HetHEM — NL, 2021
SILVIAS NAILSALON - workshop and audiobook performance — with Insa Deist, Pernilla Manjula Philip and Katharina Nejdl — OT101 — NL, 2021