Anna Maria Luczak

sociaal-maatschappelijk, performance, installatie, film
Hotel Savoy, WET, Hillevliet, Rotterdam, 2022 - publication Hotel Savoy —alongside the video installation it accompanies—is an attempt to symbolically ‘get inside’ the 1918 novel Hotel Savoy, by the Austrian writer Joseph Roth. It is also an attempt to enter the hotel itself, described by Roth in the book, and filmed by me in the present day: the choice to depict the same place from a distance of a hundred years allowing me to see the parallels between the two realities. The novel is an elegy for a Europe which was disintegrating and aggregating into small nation states, in which the author could no longer find himself; Roth did not see himself as an Austrian Jew, but as a citizen of the multicultural Habsburg Empire stretching from Vienna to the edge of Russia. On his way back from the front of the First World War, Roth stayed at the eponymous hotel in Lódz, my home town, and encountered the flotsam of Europe at its most existential.
Hotel Savoy, publication, digital print, edition of 200 - part of the video installation, Hotel Savoy, with The Best Spatzle in Town, by Olga Hohmann, and an interview with Andrzej Leder, design: Hagen Verleger
Feelings Are Real (Its True), Galerie Anton Janizewski, Berlin, 2021 - Group exhibition hosted by Olga Hohmann and Jan Koslowski at Gallerie Anton Janizewski in Berlin. Exhibition functioned as an art salon with regular dinner performances. I have developed a set of 43 hand casted porcelain plates, cups and 6 hand build ceramic candle holders to be used by visitors during these gatherings.
Imagine Preference - Wild Summer of Art, Brutus, Rotterdam, 2022. A piece of fabric dipped in a porcelain clay after firing process becomes a hyper realistic solid copy of what previously was a textile piece. Mostly women were hired in the textile factories, struggling in close to no labor rights. Now Lódz, formerly known as s city of textile magnates glamorizes its industrial past, omitting the often very difficult work conditions.
Brutality of Spring - collaborative project, together with Sophie Schmidt, glazed porcelain, 2023
Fragments, glazed porcelain, 2023
Vanitas Fair - glazed porcelain, Anton Janizewski Gallery, Berlin, December 2023
Fragments, glazed porcelain, 2023
Vanitas Fair, glazed porcelain, 2023 - Galerie Anton Janizewski, Berlin, 2023
Fragments, glazed porcelain, 2023

Communal Luxury

Locatie: De Player
In samenwerking met: Wet Film, Piet Zwart Institute

Communal Luxury was a three-day intensive workshop in the Player, which asked the question: what would truly collaborative filmmaking look like? Organized by WET FILM for the MFA students of Piet Zwart Institute

Video Idiom

Locatie: Łódź Film School Cinema
In samenwerking met: Festival of Four Cultures

Video Idiom, a summer school led by WET FILM at the Four Cultures Festival in Łódź

Peach @W139

Locatie: W139
In samenwerking met: Sabrina Chou, Hunter Longe, Ghislain Amar, W139

For the duration of one month, W139 was PEACH — the apartment and artist-run space normally located at Grondherendijk 9b, Oud Charlois, Rotterdam. The exhibition offered a personal look upon the community and ethos of PEACH. It was an explosion of the domestic. Both a physical caricature of the original apartment, highlighting the qualities of familiarity and intimacy found in a home, as well as a continuation of Peach's role as host.
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