Ceola Tunstall-Behrens

artistiek onderzoek - audiovisueel - conceptueel - design - experimenteel - geluid - installatie - performance - residency

Ceola Tunstall-Behrens is a sound sculptor, artist and vocalist working in the fields of experience art and performance. In her practice she uses the medium of the voice to investigate different aspects of our existence, evoking questions on being human. Through her work she is continuously exploring how sound can hold space and often translates her ideas into performances and architectures of sound. By using sound to design and create experiences, her works range from installations to audio guides to experimental vocal performances and radio.

“Well, we’ll ring each other up another day” - Recorded fragments from telephone conversations between a father and a daughter weave their way throughout a body of space. The listener experiences the immaterial presence of someone, or something. A moment, a relationship. A space, a time. “Well, we'll ring each other up another day” is an audio installation where the narrative and immateriality of the work transitions the focus of attention away from the visual and physical. Instead it creates an object of empty space that simulates intimacy and introspection, that de-centres the gaze.
What If All That Was Left Of Us Was Sound - A sound poem -
To my Digital Heir - To My Digital Heir is a performance work that stemmed from a prediction. Ray Kurzweil, an inventor, thinker and futurist and the Director of Engineering at Google, believes that by 2045, AI (Artificial Intelligence) will surpass human beings as the smartest and most capable life forms on the planet. Because of this, humanity will have reached The Singularity where man and machine will be able to merge and we will be able to upload our minds to a computer.