Claudia Borges

audiovisueel - schilderen - experimenteel - artistiek onderzoek - conceptueel

Art is connection. All is connection. It is all about the connections.
Occupying space for art - emergent /ɪˈməːdʒ(ə)nt/ in the process of coming into being, result of an emergent process a becoming is a place for people to discuss the factual, objective and the emotional, experiential side of the sustainability challenge.
INSTALLATION TANTALISING EXPERIENCE - The public enter a tent made of plastic where its insides are filled with plastic bags. This person uses a plastic animal to sit on. The person is facing the back of the tent where a video is projected showing a dolphin swimming with its companion and picking up a plastic bag with its beak. The plastic bag wraps around his beak in a way he won't be able to breath and this claustrophobic situation only resolves itself when the person, using a BCI (brain computer interface) headset is able make a mental effort to focus, so the BCI measures the brain wave and frees the dolphin.
MIXED MEDIA - Plastic tassen, textiel
INSTALLATION CYBERLACE - Installation where the economics of making laces was translated to the economics of digital work as a means to show the invisible work made by women throughout out the centuries that were as complex as the computer coding nowadays. It constituted of a database where via the interface, people could 'lace' the story of women's work in textiles. 2003