Ellemieke Schoenmaker

sculptuur, schilderen, installatie, Experimenteel, beeldhouwen, Abstract
Mururoa Mountain no.2 - 105 50 x 44 cm pigmented plaster, azobé.
Climate Innovation (Adoration of the Sun) - 110 x 100 x 10 cm pigmented plaster private collection
Free Hugs - 59 x 51 x 32 cm/2022 Pigmented plaster. private collection.
Continental Drifter III - 180x200x140 cm. 2022 pigmented plaster.
Continental Drifter III - Detail.
Early Display at the Society for the Appreciation of Hope. - 143 x 180 x 150 cm Pigmented plaster, wood, paint.
Mascotte for Europa (Narcissus) - 105 cm Pigmented plaster, Oak
overview, 'A Gathering of Conditions'.
Solar Gaze. - 45x52x13cm.
overview, 'A Gathering of Conditions'.

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