Florian Braakman

fotografie - installatie - printen (2d) - publicatie - video - audiovisueel

I am a photographic artist and my work consists of series of photographic images. Through a personal relationship with my subject, especially focusing on the concept of ‘neighbourhood’, I am interested in addressing broader universal, social, and cultural themes, such as integration, cultural diversity and social mobility. In Dutch the term ‘buurman’ (neighbour) is a slang, used as a way of greeting people around you.

Photography is the core of my practice and is integrated in my everyday life. I use it as a way to make contact with people, to question the world, and to gain a grip on our fast-paced everyday ‘reality’. I use photographs mainly in grouped series, letting separate images be in contact and conversation with one another in the forms of publications and installations.

Currently, I am working on a long-term project Delfshaven’s Finest (2013 - present), in the socially and culturally diverse neighbourhood of Rotterdam, where I have lived since I graduated from the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague in 2013.

Broer, 2017 – heden - Nederlands Fotomuseum, 2022
Delfshaven’s Finest, 2013 – present - Rotterdam Architectuur Maand, Het Nieuwe Instituut, 2022
Delfshaven’s Finest, picture constellation - FotoBotuExpo, 2022
Broer, 2017 – present // In Between Homes, 2017 – present - Museum IJsselstein, 2022
Delfshaven’s Finest (collage) - www.florianbraakman.nl
Dit is Zuid, 2020 (film still) - In samenwerking met Charlois Speciaal maakte ik in september/oktober 2020 de film stille film Dit is Zuid, 2020. Fragmenten van de film zijn te zien op het scherm van het Attractiepark Rotterdam aan de Doklaan.
Broer, 2017-heden (installatie)
Florian Braakman - Collaborative research project, funded by CBK Rotterdam, www.rotterdamhoegaathet.nl In this project I investigate the visual representation of the city. My starting point was the current city marketing. I feel an enormous distance between the image of the city presented here and my image of the city. What is missing in the current “feel good”, “rosy” and one-sided narrative? How is Rotterdam doing in 2020? And, can we collectively create a more honest image of the city?
sharing economy dream II, 2020 and Blanket I, 2017 (installation view)
In Between Homes – Ik ben een Rotterdammer (fotofilm)