Gerco de Ruijter

fotografie, film, Conceptueel, Abstract

Throughout history, poetic, philosophical and religious texts have included exhortations for mankind to look skyward, often as a means or metaphor for spiritual uplift.
De Ruijter demonstrates equal grace is achievable, via views downward, from the sky. He has mastered a vantage point, which in olden days would have been considered the exclusive purview of gods and angels -- looking down upon Earth and earthlings.

In this age, such a perspective has been made familiar through air travel and through satellite "eyes", astronaut captures, drone technologies and this inventive artist. Ingeniously he defuses the empowered, divine perspective. His square and sometimes rectangular "blankets," force questions about specific content to give way to delectation in (his chosen) form. He achieves images that defy spatial hierarchies. (Kelly Gordon Margolis- Curator Hirshhorn Museum & Scupture Garden, Washington DC)

Fleur de Sel #01 (2016) - Ultrachrome print on dibond 44"x44" edition of 5
Cropped / Contact Sheet #7 (middle east) 2020 - Ultrachrome print 16"x 24" edition of 5
Grid Corrections (2018) - Apple Prores 422 (HQ) edition of 5
Grid Corrections
Grid Corrections - In the summer of 2016, I am driving around, a little lost, overwhelmed by the scale of the American landscape. I look for a point of reference: something that would make a particular place stand out in this monotonous farmland of Kansas? On a dusty, die-straight road running south to north, I stop at an unexpected T intersection... Essay "The Seduction of the Grid" by Peter Delpeut. Design: Irma Boom. Published by Nai010 Publishers (August 20, 2019)
Zonder Titel / Untitled 2020 - Ultrachrome print on dibond 44"x44" edition of 5
t i l t #02 (2006) - Archival print on dibond 20"x20" edition of 5
Footprint inside (2022)
Footprint inside (2022) - Footprint - Gerco de Ruijter - Peter Delpeut production and final editing - Frank van der Stok design - Hans Gremmen publisher - FW:Books
Adams Plane  (from No Man's Air) 2024
Adams Plane (from No Man's Air) 2024 - No Man’s Air a film by Gerco de Ruijter & Peter Delpeut No Man's Air deals with the last flight to Nicosia Airport, in 1974. Since then, the airport has been a no man's land between the Greek and Turkish speaking parts of Cyprus. Like archaeologists, the makers piece together the past using the account of pilot Adamos Marneros and shards that can be found on the internet. A digital excavation, melancholic reconstruction and tribute to the imagination

Fleur de Sel

Locatie: Guerande

Documenting the rise and fall of Dunaliella Salina, pigmenting the Presqu'île de Guérande saltflats.


Locatie: Schouwen-Duiveland
In samenwerking met: Bewaerschole Burgh-Haamstede / Mondriaanfonds Amsterdam / Sander Veenhof

Een verkenning langs de kust van Schouwen-Duiveland in verschillende 360 graden panorama's.

Tentoonstelling Tether: een virtual reality traject (in samenwerking met Sander Veenhof) gepresenteerd in de Bewaerschole, september 2017

Film: Van de Punt tot Bru: een reis in acht panorama's. Première op Film by the Sea in Vlissingen 2018

Grid Corrections

In samenwerking met: Fotomuseum Den Haag, nai010publishers Rotterdam, Hartenfonds, Mondriaanfonds, Ulrich Museum Wichita Kansas (USA)

Film, boek en tentoonstelling.
Artist in Residence at the Ulrich Museum in Wichita Kansas (USA) 2015
Boek Grid Corrections published by nai010 Rotterdam
Presentatie in het Fotomuseum Den Haag 2019

CROPS / Cropped

In samenwerking met: Mondriaan Fonds / Manuel de Santaren

CROPS / Cropped is a project on centre pivot irrigation in the USA.
Long water-sprinkler arms rotate around a central pivot, irrigating circular fields of verdant crops in desert or semiarid environments. Often a well, located at the centre of the circle, pumps water up from vast aquifers in the rock formations below, or Rio Grande water is canalized and redirected into the deserts feeding the well. Once the Rio Grande reaches Mexico, it's riverbed has dried.

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