Hyunji Jung

digitale technologie - geluid - installatie - interactief

Hyunji Jung (b.1991) is a South Korean multimeda artist, composer based in Rotterdam. After finishing Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Language in Korea, she came to the Netherlands to study fine art at the Willem de Kooning Academy where her interests in narrative and language were translated into sound, which became the main cartographic tool in her practice. She perceives art and music as languages to explore herself and surrounding. She explores compositional process and form of composition embracing the the influence of technology on them. She records, synthesises, manipulates various sounding matters and arrange them to create an interactive listening environment. Her work results in ambient, experimental soundscapes in a form of an interactive sound installation, or combined with an audiovisual, virtual experience that create an immersive experience featuring mystical, ritualistic elements. She intends to place audiences in a nomadic perspective triggering sonic memory and aural imagination.

-=WORMHOLE=- (2021) - (Collaboration with Nils Gunnars, Davids Danoss) The game was created in the period of lockdown. When everything slowly goes back to a semi-normal way of life this summer, it is important to remember and merge the two separate worlds we all have experienced the past year. With this meta experience playing -=WORMHOLE=- while sitting in Wunderbar — we want to recreate and emphasise the mixed reality that has become more and more present in our daily lives. Maybe this could be a relaxed way of getting back to reality? You can attend a bar but still maintain the comfort of hiding behind the screen. During the lockdown we had to push the boundaries of on/off-line lives. This new way of integrating with each other is here and will be in the future, creating a metaverse where the borders of reality are gone. -=WORMHOLE=- simulates this new way of living. Soundtracks: https://soundcloud.com/hyunjijung/sets/wormhole
Phantasmauris (2020) - (Web design by Noemi Biro) Phantasmauris is a location-based electroacoustic composition consists of five tracks. Developed as an aural augmented reality platform, audiences can listen to different soundscapes in each suggested location. Each track is arranged with field recordings and their digitally processed signals based on the correlations between sound, space and listeners. The sounds are recorded in quarantined Rotterdam to explore the shifted sonic quality of the city. The project combines the psychogeopraphic process of cartography and composition in a form of acousmatic music in the spectromorphological perspective. Project website link: https://phantasmauris.xyz/ Audio trailer link: https://soundcloud.com/hyunjijung/phantasmauris-teaser
öö vv and oo - 'öö vv and oo' is part of a collaboration between several Rotterdam artists to create an online landscape. For the shimmering landscape translated by using photogrammetry created by Lili Ullirch, the soundscape experiments with ASMR techniques and 3D mapping to create a haptic experience to explore sensuality in online space. Onland was curated and programmed by Louisa Teichmann. Exhibition link: http://onland-net.work/ Sound link: https://soundcloud.com/hyunjijung/onland-during-the-day
Perpetual Motion - exhibited in WORM Rotterdam in January 2020, 4-channel audiovisual installation (collaboration with Davids Danoss) - Perpetual Motion explores the cosmic law of human consciousness and nature force by means of physical motion in audio and vision. The work envisages an immersive and meditative experience to audiences through seeing sound as a medium to understand universal structure, to contemplate and recreate the system of the nature. In our vision, human being is part of nature as a whole body. The spatialisation and movement of the sound, the captured nature force in video projection enhance the physicality of being in the moment. This fluid sound, imagery and their infinite motion is connected to bodily presence, creating a transcendental atmosphere.
Labyrinthine Trance - exhibited in Willem de Kooning Academy Graduation Show in July 2019, Interactive sound installation - Labyrinthine Trance explores a new way of meditation by means of physical interaction with sound in space. By walking along the patterns and exploring inside the circle, you grasp the ability to control the environmental sound, which immerse you in the moment. My sonic research is based on the concept of minimal music, leading consciousness to another states by the gradual change of the sound. Sound synthesis is the main tool for this practice. By using limited musical materials and engaging audiences in the process of changing the loop, the psycho-acoustic effect on the perception of time and memory is shifted. The space works as an instrument you can play with your body movement which brings the change of the environment and your consciousness.
Patterns of Consciousness - exhibited in S/ash Gallery in December 2018, Interactive kinetic sound installation - Patterns of Consciousness is an interfaced installation where audiences can experience the control of the sound and the movement. The sound is sampled from sound around us, shaping an acousmatic quality. On the iPad interface, audiences can trigger each sound or a pattern of the sound which is connected to each motors of the installation, connecting bodily control, sound and movement, making the piece as a process.
OBJECT – SPACE - exhibited in Spike Island, Bristol, UK in May 2018 - My contemplation on the concept of object, space and their connection through the material research and experiment. It is a series of sculptures consists of three pieces and each piece developed from the former piece having a conversation with each other. I started from a box object experimented with enamel coating on the surface. Then for the second piece, I made a distorted part of an open box, played with the shape finding architectural quality within. Then I zoomed the corner of the box, created the third piece which became a part of a space rather than an object.