Janis Dzirnieks

installatie - sculptuur - objecten - collage - digitale technologie

My art practice involves material and processual research, which results in sculptures, installations and wall based objects. They often involve found images and ready-mades, that already carry meanings and associations from their use in the real world. Through manipulation and deformation of them, I create visual metaphors which activate my view on present-day society. We are immersed between synthetic and organic environments, heavily technologized processes, planned obsolescence and exploitation of vulnerabilities of the human psyche. I manipulate images in collaboration with pre-existing algorithms, which can be updated at any time. I use synthetic polymers allowing them to interfere with gravity, and I use light in the objects to attract attention. Collaboration with algorithms results in pixel porridge, among which some figurative elements stay grotesquely recognizable. Found lamps experience their second life with added elements and in resin encapsulated light bulbs. I'm interested in controlled flows and frozen gesture.

Fracture Stimulation, 2023 - extruded polystyrene variable
Untiled (Attractors), 2023 - found lamps, epoxy resin, polyester resin h=192 cm
Snowflake Blockbuster, 2022
Mix, 2021 - UV inkjet print directly on polystyrene, UV balanced epoxy resin 74,5 x 104,5 x 4 cm
Untitled (Attractor), 2020 - lightning rods, found lamp, lid, light bulb splitters, polyester resin, H = 202 cm
Untitled, 2021 - Extruded polystyrene 60x120x40cm (when assembled)
Untitled, 2021 - Extruded polystyrene, UV inkjet print 32 x 25 x 4 cm (when assembled)
Spring Flowers and Falling Stars, 2019 - Acrylic glass, inkjet print on paper, 92,5 × 155,5 × 13 cm
Installation view – Tiled River, 2020 - From the left: Attention! Check This Before Investing In Bitcoin, 2020, UV Inkjet print on extruded polystyrene, acrylic paint, hot glue, 99,5 x 160 x 6 cm, AliExpress, 2020, Inkjet print on paper, UV resistant epoxy resin, extruded polystyrene, 30 x 232 x 3,6 cm, They Were Called The Most Beautiful Twins In The World, Wait Until You See Ne Zu, 2020, UV Inkjet print on extruded polystyrene, UV resistant epoxy resin, 40 x 234,5 x 6 cm
Probeer Dit Bijna Onzichtbare Hoortoestel Nu Uit, 2019 - UV resistant epoxy resin, UV print, extruted polystyrene 59,4 x 42 x 5,2 cm