Jue Yang

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I am a writer and filmmaker. In my current writings, often auto-ethnographic, I explore institutional oppression, diasporic experiences and generational trauma with empathy and criticality. My practice involves annotating and archiving. I have an envelope full of post-it notes that once marked different pages of different books; they are my conversations with the authors. My images come from looking and listening with receptive attentiveness. Through image-making I find moments of belonging - a sort of antidote to rootlessness. Others have described these images as "silent" and "transcendent" - descriptions I fully embrace.

Someone asks me where I am from.

"From a leaf."

"But where are you really from?"

"Dust ... And bones."

"What are you? Korean? Chinese?"

"I am the moon-rabbit-tortoise dwelling in the kingdom of sand. Its entrance only appears when the heart accepts the wind."

"Where were you born? Where do your parents live?"

"You mean ... Where is my home?"

"What's the difference ?! Where? Are? You? From ?!"

Quiet Times (2021, work in progress) - still image from short film. "'I subject myself to a prison guarded by the blind,' she writes."
there is no death in gravity (2020) - excerpt from short film (7'37'', HD video with stereo sound). Thumbnail: still image from the full version (available upon request). Synopsis and animation credits on Vimeo.
there is no death in gravity - projection view
there is no death in gravity - projection view
Querida (2019-?) - excerpt from documentary. Due to COVID-19 constraints and changes, this film has been on hold. Synopsis on Vimeo.
passage (2019) - 1'11'', HD video with stereo sound
Selected Statuses (2018) - Zine made for Yami-ichi Internet Market. Utrecht, NL, 2018. Fifty facebook statuses of the author in non-chronological order.
Fold (2018) - Fold is a book of the human moments surrounding loss, mourning, understanding and catharsis. It consists of twelve open-licensed photos selected from passersby on Flickr. Each image rests in a square, collapsable origami module, with a palette associated with mourning rituals in certain cultures — white, silver and earth. The photos follow a sequence, indicated by the book cover on the opposite side of each module. When assembled, the cover reads as one strip of "folded sediments" from a mountain. The book folds into a cuboid measuring 9 x 9 x 4.5cm.
Fold - details
Fold - details