Kari Robertson

audiovisueel - artistiek onderzoek - ecologie - sociaal-maatschappelijk - sculptuur

I am an artist working with time-based media, primarily sound, analogue film and digital video. In my practice I take a sci-fi approach to subjectivity, using narrative as a tool to re/un-think the sovereignty of our bodies, identities or minds, and as a means to access forms of radical empathy.
I also work in GHOST, with Madison Bycroft and Natalia Sorzano, a facilitative platform which programmes events, screenings, reading groups and texts across Rotterdam.

The Orchid Hunter - 2 channel Video with sound 10.13. This work explores the colonial history of orchid Hunters in Colombia. It was shown in Smeared States Group exhibition at Showroom Mama, Rotterdam in August 2019.
Wet Signal Voice Gardens - Accessible interactive website for children/adults 2020. Access here: https://voicegardens.org/ Press the red button to record your voice and the square to stop. The site will record and visualise your voice into a unique shape and colour. This site is currently on exhibition at VISUAL Ireland https://www.visualcarlow.ie/exhibitions/info/wet-signal-voice-garden. It was designed with Luke Murphy and Cristina Cochoir to explore the politics of voice and accessibility in digital space. It is designed to be as universal as possible, without written instructions and to encourage experimental vocal sound making.
Salmon Canon - 2 channel Video installation no sound 2018. This video was commissioned to be showed in a vitrine window viewable 24/7 in Den Haag, commissioned by Stroom Den Haag. This video work explores the politics of forms of love (eros and agape). It combines found footage and filmed scenes.
Total Control/ Flatland / Flatpack - One channel video with sound 15.15, 2017. This video explores control, object and subjectivity, flatness and dimensionality. It was shown in Wolfarts project space, Rotterdam.
Winged Helix/Forkhead - One channel video 08.39, 2017. This video was commissioned by LaSalle gallery, Singapore. It takes the 1961 Alain Resnais film Last Year at Marienbad as its point of departure. Through the lens of various animals in Rotterdam zoo it questioning themes of performance of identity, how environment shapes species and memory.
Mouth Orchid - Watercolour on paper 80cm x 50cm. This is from a series produced alongside the Orchid Hunter video for Smeared States exhibition at Showroom Mama (2019). The series of watercolours explored the idea that orchid grow to look like their pollinators (bees and butterflies). The work poses the question; If humans continue to pollinate orchids how will the flowers take on the forms of the human?