Micha Zweifel

beeldhouwen - conceptueel - installatie

I work with what I find: materials, methods, and motifs—the flotsam
of cultural remnants whose use, identity, or meaning have become
obsolete. Concepts and techniques can be “finds” too. In my work they
sit alongside decoration and carpentry. I make sculptures, often using
materials or fabricated objects of utilitarian origin: plywood, plaster, MDF,
and household things. At other times I evoke, adapt, or apply specific
traditional artistic methods, such as bronze-casting or wood-carving.

meubels, Charlois? 2016 - Rib presents meubels, Charlois? a showroom for furniture by Micha Zweifel. For your comfort you will find benches tables shelves and decor. The designs mimic and evaluate Charlois marginalia: the social façades repetition and ornamentation of boredom. Meubels are mobile units. They manoeuvre style play and dis-identification. Furnishing facilitates. (Pillows in collaboration with Sabrina Chou)
LIFT 2019 - Bronze, ply wood, MDF
LIFT 2019 - exhibition at ONONO, Rotterdam
Für wen arbeiten Sie eigentlich? (who are you working for) 2018
Ineinander und nacheinander 2018 - At Treignac Projet Micha Zweifel presents a new body of work, consisting of large plaster reliefs and figurative sculptures. Using the interstitial time between travels to make this exhibition, Zweifel addresses the situations of work for and in the current moment. The sculptures in the show reflect the passing of time in the work process as motif and spatial strategy. Time here is of an almost physical texture: major interruptions and boredom exist within each other, both past and anticipated. The plaster reliefs are worked in the negative by continuously reusing the same clay mould which is formed, colored and then cast in plaster. In this iterative process of approximation, recognition and abstraction, the motifs disintegrate into vivid textural surfaces.
Dog and fly 2018
Dashond 2016
Kurze Lüftungspause (short break for ventilation) - Installation view at Swiss Art Awards 2017
untitled (door mat) 2017 - Pigmented plaster bas-relief
Kurze Lüftungspause (short break for ventilation) 2017 - Presentation at Swiss Art Awards 2017