Muxingye Chen

Abstract - audiovisueel - conceptueel - digitaal - installatie - media - video

Muxingye Chen is from Chengdu, China. He studied Time based design at the Art Academy of Minerva Groningen. He is now graduated from Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam with a Master's degree in Lens-based media. He works with digital art on an abstract representation of body movement. He uses animation and 3D programming as a kind of extension of the limited body. In this way, he tries to deconstruct, unravel and convert our current image of how we deal with social structure into our individual experience.

A Lonliness conversation - First Experiments
Overdue apple pie cookie (2021) - Medium: Experimental video Size: 1920:1080px 1min 3sec At the beginning of the Covid times, There were so many rumors and propaganda online that influenced how people behave, and how people dealt with society. I feel uncomfortable with the phenomenon and tried to use my visual language to articulate it.
Unframed (2021) - Medium: Experimental Film, Digital motion graphic Size: 5760:1080px 7mins20sec “Chapter 1: Unframed 离" [ 6’23”(loop) color, sound, video installation] This is the first chapter of the project called 离, unframed, 合 framed, 人间 In dimension). The narrative is based on a virtual performance telling that in a certain frequency, each part of the body forms its own awareness. They see their physicality as a shield, trying to de-construct it. Chapter one mainly uses images to experiment with two hypotheses. One: Assuming that the head is the carrier of consciousness, facial expressions, and body are the tools for transmitting information, then when they lose their integrity, all expressions become invalid. Two: If all body language and communication through linguistics is invalid, is there another medium that can communicate in human consciousness? Is it a frequency?
Data Matrix NO.1 - Medium: Digital Drawing Size: 2480:1080px 50sec The inspiration for starting up this project is based on the experiment of online platforms during the lockdown period. While experiencing the online activities, I noticed that my personal data has been silently leaked, and transformed into all kinds of advertisements that come back to me again.
A period of desperation - Medium: Experimental Film, video Installation Size:1920:1080px 3mins06sec Link: About Work: “A period of desperation” is audio-visual installation that I tried to use digital graphics researching on: the presence of the “body” has been constantly controlled and manipulated by the “time” and “space”, constructing a question of whether the existence of “body” merely presented as a function that only works for a bigger system (society, human culture, industry, and so forth); How could I find myself in cyberspace, where all sensory information and communications have been transformed into sophisticated networks.