Niki Murphy

abstract - proces - artistiek onderzoek

After studying art at St. Joost, Rietveld, Kunstakademie Dusseldorf and practising in Berlin, Cambridge and Yorkshire I eventually returned to the Netherlands in 2008 and have been living in Rotterdam ever since.
I make large composite drawings. Textures and structures of the physical environment in which I work have a direct influence on the outcome of the work. Whilst in this proces I explore the limits and possibilities of this environment. It is a systematic investigation into the (un)limited space.

modern relics - 2023, 30 x 40cm, lithograph, edition of 7, printed at Basement Press Diepenheim
z.t. - bewerkte polaroid, 2022
Wild Summer of Art @ Brutus, Rotterdam
Big Blue - Pictura Projectweken 2020
Big Blue, part of the Cloud of Unkowing - 20222, variable size, installation of drawings, lithography, assemblages
z.t. - 2021, lithography on simili japon paper, 48x64 cm
z.t. - 2021, graphite watercolour on paper, 18x24cm
Big Blue II - 2020, drawing, 1.50x2.00m, charcoal, eraser, ballpoint on paper
z.t. - 2019, 20x30cm, paper/graphite/ink
z.t. - 2022, graphite watercolour on paper, 13x12cm.