Philemon Mukarno

performance - conceptueel - dekolonisatie - Diaspora - gender

In a society full of traps to confuse, numb and desensitize, his work uses and acknowledges the density and complexity of the human structure by exploring its innards, its thought processes, its energy, and its capacity for life: Blood, naked body, sexuality, gender, fetishes, water, organs, bones, energy, thought. He projects shapes from within. The work is deliberately dark, vulnerable, and often sensual. The hope is to destroy frameworks that have warped my body and self-image as a way to repair and prepare for a new beginning.

Jworg - The performance depicts a person whose youth is cut off with dogmas. A broken development! This mold can last a lifetime without spoiling. In fact, the dogmas stick to skin and hair. Each fiber reacts according to the pre-programmed pattern. In this performance, the protagonist has wrested and uprooted himself from guilt and expectations according to which pattern the indoctrination was established. This new path with its own life ingredients is not instant, but fresh, so can easily spoil and evaporate: A clear view can evaporate. Fresh ingredients can spoil. The main character counteracts this by allowing himself to be completely vacuumed during this performance. The newly acquired look, therefore, remains fresh and cannot spoil!
Physical Landscape - Choreography: Federica Dauri Project coordinator and choreographic assistant: Giacomo Della Marina Dancers: Philemon Mukarno, Vassia Zorbali, Eleni Kanavou, Evgenia Chetvertkova, Kyriakos Apostolidis Paimon, Rebecca Wijnruit, Styliana Apostolou, Marta Capaccioli. Sound composition: Elisa Batti. Photo: Sergio Vaccaro. Graphic designer: Stavri Papa.
Habitat Amsterdam - Habitat is Doris Uhlich’s biggest choreography in open space to date. The naked bodies of 35 people flick, vibrate and slap against each other to electronic sounds and abstract techno tracks. The performers celebrate their unity in diversity.