Quinda Verheul

conceptueel - ecologie - sculptuur - installatie - land art

Quinda Verheul is geïnspireerd door grote wetenschappelijke onderwerpen zoals de hydrologische cyclus van water en de erosie van de aarde, en natuurlijke krachten als wind, water en zonlicht. Maar ook de mijnbouwindustrie - waar de mens naar schatten graaft om de globale consumptie te kunnen blijven voeden.

Deze praktijken beïnvloeden landschappen wereldwijd. In haar werk maakt Quinda gebruik van spiegels en toont ze zowel het menselijk perspectief als de ervaring van leegte en reflectie. Hiermee creëert ze vreemde landschappen die een soort herkenning bieden, maar ook deel kunnen uitmaken van een andere wereld.
Haar werk is meestal plaatsgebonden en tijdelijk en zet daarmee kunst zelf centraal: welke rol speelt tijd en zintuigelijke aanwezigheid in de waardebepaling van een werk?

Flood - 140x120 cm mirror and concrete
Quiet - Gold comes from space, with that thought a whole new series developed. 80 x 55 cm black mirror and concrete
The Monist V - the idea that everything is one
Tedious Times - In collaboration with @rotterdamsterkerdoor and @gemeenterotterdam "Tedious Times" was created. Youngsters in Rotterdam had the great idea to get together and paint and draw their memories from Corona times. Reflect together and share thoughts after a period being apart. I designed a space that could hold these memories captured on tiles, and created a structure that could grow along with the project. A modular way of building that can expend with potential of more shared memories. This artwork can travel anywhere, as worldwide we have memories of this period and by the universal language of art we can express and share that period together. I'm honoured to create such a piece in collaboration with youngsters, as I believe these memories are part of a monumental period of time that has changed and shaped all of us. And this is just the start, the more tiles the bigger the structure will be.
Between the sun and the moon - I am immersing myself in the constantly changing landscapes and the influence that humans have on them. I am fascinated by natural forces like wind, water and sunlight, and often I address grand topics like the exploitation of natural resources which alter the landscape. Yet, there are different aspects to the same topic which I like to explore in different series. This is reflected in the use of raw, earthy materials such as sand and natural stone. Mirrors form a returning metaphorical element in my sculptures and installations which invite spectators to reflect on themselves while simultaneously exploring different perspectives. The results are unique aesthetic translations which are able to present new confrontational information within a certain comfort. BigArt is a pop-up platform for XL art installations and huge design objects, brought to you by a blend of established artists and designers as well as upcoming talents. Every year BigArt occupies an iconic building in or around Amsterdam where dozens of artists and designers fill the place with a unique mix of monumental paintings, oversized drawings, large sculptures, big photos and impressive installations. Photography by @jacqueline_fuijkschot
The Sound of Silence - For the installation The Sound Of Silence Quinda Verheul explored new pathways in her artistic practice which led to the realisation of an impressive installation work. Hanging from the ceiling of the gallery space the installation presents the appearance of a constant and endless stream of sand, while the grains interact with multiple mirrors on the way down. The mirrors form a metaphorical element that invite spectators to reflect on themselves while simultaneously exploring different perspectives. This results in a powerful image which contains a confrontational layer, but is dominated by its aesthetic features and soothing effect. Quinda immerses herself in the constantly changing landscapes and the influence that humans have on them. Increasingly, she became interested in sand and its scarcity. Humans use sand for the construction of concrete houses, factories, tunnels and roadways. However, there is no endless supply. Only specific grains (often found at riverbeds or seabeds near coasts) are suitable. Learning more and more about the subject, like the different types of sand that exist, the political situations that arise when there is a shortage of sand and the effect this has on the landscape and ecosystems, allows Quinda to delve deeper into the matter and develop the aesthetic form which ultimately shapes her work. The Sound Of Silence shares one part of the story.
Mumble II - 55 x 35 x 11 cm, 2020 Serpentine Verdite, gold coloured mirro
Imbibe II - 110 x 70 x 20 cm, 2019 Serpentine Verdite, black coloured mirror
Monist I - Quinda is inspired by big scientific topics like the hydrological cycle, the erosion of the earth and natural forces like wind, water and sunlight. But also by the practice of mining, where people dig for treasure and ruin and influence entire landscapes. By using mirrors, Quinda shows both the human perspective as well as the experience of emptiness and reflection. With this, she creates strange landscapes that offer some kind of recognition, but which can also be part of an entirely different world. Her work is usually site specific and temporary, an aspect which also questions the value of temporary work and the extent to which physical presence of said piece is still necessary.