Ratri Notosudirdjo

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Ratri Notosudirdjo (b. Jakarta 1994) is a performance and installation artist based in Rotterdam. Her research and practice engage in de- and postcolonial theory, centring storytelling in both historic and contemporary contexts, and often examining mechanisms that enable the cultural and poetic identity. These works are placed within the public arena in site-specific locations. Her stories depart from personal experiences of migration and Asian diaspora. Through workshops and a collaborative oriented process of working she tries to bridge close cultural and existential realities together. Inspired in the storytelling are ways to express a poetic relationship between the body and its geographical, and spatial counterparts. 

She is a coordinator of Stichting JUNCTION and is focusing on supporting artistic interventions in the city. She is part of the performance collective wet dreamzz and is currently doing a residency at HCA Roodkapje and Wunderplatz x Skills Worm.

Waterfalls & Sparring Scars - Waterfalls and Sparring Scars is a performance and workshop space, intertwined, that explores how stories of migrational narratives can be transformed visually into a quilted or sewn network. The artist invites participants who have strong relations to Asian diaspora, or a history of migrating, to walk into a space in which these stories are created into a personal ritual. In a one-one-one session, they aim to produce an expression of their memories and experiences through a series of exercises, ornaments and textile play. The pieces of each participant are then placed together to imagine their manifestations in a wider landscape, connecting to the stories of other individuals that intersect the worlds of West, Central, South and Southeast Asian diaspora. This workshop was facilitated during The Echo to Every Footsep exhibition June 02 - 05, 2022. The workshop is a year long project created during the lockdown period in 2021.
Worlds Between Words – MAMA - In the year 2021 I participated in MAMA's Programmakers Poule, a program that focuses on developing the talents of young curators and programmakers. On November 19, the Worlds Between Words exhibition opened and was accompanied by a lively performance program that made use of the windows and streets. WBW followed the theme of language; examining language outside of established linguistic frameworks and focusing on forms of storytelling that encapsulate intimate migrative experiences. Here in this labyrinth of stories we encounter a distant sea, a singing monster, scripts from an afterworld and the power of the pronounced name. Artists - Ada M. Patterson, Cihad Caner, Gilang Anom M. M. & Tarona Performers in Performance Program - Daryl Grootfam, Magdalena Petrova, Gilang Anom M. M., Sarafina Paulina Bonita & Venla Miila Kaarina Workshop facilitator [ we can still build a home while floating]
untitled - Smudged Soil was the first exhibition from the Hamburger Community of Art residency. The focus of the show was the medium of riso print. In this collage, I experiment with creating a a great beast by distorting the arrangement of their arms, legs, chest and head. The work is pasted on the floor.
wet dreamzzz - wet dreamzZz is a performance collective consisting of Lili Ulrich, Magdalena Petrova and Ratri Notosudirdjo, known for performances that lull you into different rabbit holes and dreams. In December of 2021 the collective came together to explore the deep subconscious in all its symbolism and absurdity and translate their findings into movement. Their first other-worldly work, wet dreamzZz, three creatures wake up in a bathroom and start their daily routine. These creatures exist in a hypnagogic state; a space between dreaming and being awake. These three beings have now been traveling and performing throughout the Netherlands (Weelde, Sound Light Colour Atelier & WORM) and now have been invited to participate for a week at the Lemonhouse residency in Kassel during Documenta 15 from June 25th to July 2nd 2022.
Uuahib! Moving Landscapes - Moving Landscapes is a development of the Uuahib series. Using the soundscape produced from the last project a public performance was choreographed near Landje Elementary School as a spontaneous exercise. The performance explores the un-uniformed collective movements of bodies and how physical landscapes can be created between people and fabrics. Performers: Joana Cavaco, Magdalena Petrova, Szu-Yi Wang, Siva Canbazoğlu & Iohan Figueroa
SPILT - Exhibiting in Print and Play's ON DISPLAY, SPILT is a collection of gently insidious stories and poems shaped by leaks and spills. Inspired by the cinematographic significance of spills, these texts in essence embody the various unpleasant feelings that arise from interpersonal tension. Like spills and leaks that occur in our homes, the confrontation with a foreboding feeling is followed by an urgency to fix the source. In this series of spills and leaks, these confrontations are shaped softly. Download the printable exhibition, place these spills in between any borders in your house and watch them leak and ooze from your windows, fridges or counter tops. https://www.printandplayexhibition.com/catalogue/on-display
Uuahib @ ALL INN Het Hem - Exhibiting the work Uuahib at the ALL INN show at Het HEM. An exhibition of 175 artists and fine art graduates from nine different academies. In the photo a latex mold with a small speaker stands on a mic stand. The listener looks upon the textile piece of dead bean stalks and dyed cotton tiles as their ear listens closely to the soundscape coming from the ear-like mold.
Tributary (2019) - Performed in Showroom MAMA "Climate Knowledges" Curated by Angela Chan Three performers recreate the banks of a river in Tributary. The environment is spued by plastic tarps and cotton tiles and offerings are suggested from one land form to the next. This offering is the dirt placed on each individual cotton tile. Audience members carry it carefully in their hands and are guided by our performers to build a ceremonial landscape within the space. Bintang Manira - Musician Helen Arushanjan - Artist
Show Me the Shore - Exploring different shapes of being and their relationship to geographical bodies such as crevices, caverns and wetlands.
60Kg (2017) - Went down to SUEZ Delft with a big suitcase and rolled out with as much paper I could. Shredded, padded recycled paper, even picked up a moringa tree on my way back. This installation lays out bogus silver-lining legality while surveying sustainable tree-related practices. Recycled paper gets sent off to China, where methods there turn a blind-eye and biofuel keeps getting shipped from the Americas. These worlds seem to co-exist and cancel out.