Sona Asemani

schilderen - tekenen - textiel

Sona Asemani (b. 1994, Bandar Abbas, Iran) explores women's nonverbal language through their figures. She is a self-taught artist who started painting with pastels when she was only five. She creates unique, feminine portraits using traditional oil colors on canvas. Her works examine the virtue of the present moment while getting strong inspiration from her childhood memories.

Sona Asemani , Solo exhibition “I Am Reborn” , Foundation Bad , Rotterdam. (6th-9th January)
Sona Asemani and Philip Riley exhibition “In Her Natural State” at Foundation B.a.d , 26 Oct 2023
Group exhibition “Triumph of the women” , Haze gallery , Berlin , Germany.
Let’s hug (No.1) on “The current obsession” group exhibition , Monat gallery, Madrid , spain.
My burning sunset , oil on canvas , 20 x 20 cm , 2022
Parrot girl , oil on canvas , 20 x 20 cm , 2022
A poisonous wallflower , oil on canvas , 20 x 20 cm , 2022