Yvonne van den Herik


Yvonne van den Herik makes drawings with indian ink and brush on paper and recently also tape-drawings : murals with (self-made) black tape on white walls.
The black-and-white works grow by mixing (parts of) previous works, visual notes and explorative photoworks, alternatively drawing on paper and digital tablet (freehand!).
Basically and continuously fascinated by the (abstract) visual world around and exploring perception and visual intuitive thinking, lines and gestures originate from a direct and ongoing observing-by-drawing-and-vice-versa : doing is looking. Visually and physically intuitive actions like connecting or disconnecting and adding or subtracting as well as serendipities direct the successive stages in the growing process and often lead to series of works : doing is (visual) thinking.

Yvonne van den Herik - brushdrawing , indian ink on paper , 19,5 x 19,5 cm , 2020
Yvonne van den Herik - close view (detail) , tape-drawing / mural , 'Nacht' , Pictura , Dordrecht , 2019
exhibition view - main hall , solo , Galerie Haus 34A , Bad Bentheim (DE) , 2019
untitled 2019 - tape-drawing / mural
untitled (‘cold tree’ series / n4) 2018 - close view (detail) , brushdrawing , indian ink on paper
exhibition view - 'Paperroom' 2016 , Kunsthal Boschveld , 's Hertogenbosch
untitled (06) 2015 - brushdrawing , indian ink on paper , 100 x 140 cm (two-piece)