Nicola Unger

video lesson, performance, installation, Documentary, Autobiographical, Artistic research, Archives
FIRST PERSON PLURAL - Exploration of the multiple Selfs. Rotterdamse Schouwburg, zetraumexit Mannheim. Support by V2
AUDIENCE OF ONE - Manipulating performance and forcing the audience to participate. OCW Podium Rotterdam, Nutshuis Den Haag, Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Bellevue A'dam, International Animation Festival Warsaw, Internationales Figurentheaterfestival Erlangen, Roodkapje Rotterdam, Goethe Institut Rotterdam
TRANSMISSION - Video installations about what is passed on between generations.TENT Rotterdam, Mediawall Theater Rotterdam, Cinedans Film Festival Amsterdam, Hoogtij Nutshuis The Hague, Winterlicht Schiedam
UNSDERDEUTSCH - Performance about descendants from the German colonists in Papua New Guinea. Academy of Arts Berlin, Internationale Keuze Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Zeebelt The Hague, Societaetstheater Dresden, Kampnagel Hamburg, Odysee HEIMAT Festival Stadttheater Bremerhaven, Internationales Figurentheaterfestival Erlangen, Figurentheaterfestival Munich
PHANTOM STORY - is a reenactment of the true story of my landlady. In the 70's she almost ran into Carlos the Jackal by coincidence and got drawn into a swirl of events of countries dealing with global terror. 2018, the landlady - Ulrike Schaz - and I recorded some scenes to be part of her documentary 'Paris: Kein Tag ohne dich' that was nominated for the Deutsche Dokumentarfilmpreis. Mousonturm Frankfurt, Frascati Amsterdam, Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Zeebelt Den Haag, Risk Festival Amsterdam, Figurentheaterfestival Erlangen, Zeitraumexit Mannheim, Vooruit Gent, Pictura Dordrecht, Bellevue Theater Amsterdam, LP09 Barcelona, ​​Ballhaus Ost Berlin, Hessische Theatertage Marburg, brut Vienna, CS Nijmegen, KS The Hague, International Animation Festival Warsaw, BIAM PARIS 2013, Figure Theater Festival Munich, KUKART St. Petersburg, FIMFA X Lisbon
FUTURE ARITA - Short dance movie about the porcelain producing city Arita. Collaboration with Sato Endo. Egoshi House Arita Japan, Camera Japan Film Festival


Location: Theater Pilkentafel
In collaboration with: Pilkentafel, Praktijkopdrage CBK

From installation to performance. From white cube to black box.

Rhein - Ausflug der toten Mädchen

Location: Kunstraum Christina 6
In collaboration with: Tina Urban, Culture Moves Europe, CBK Practice Contribution, LVR Cologne

Residency in order to create a performance about the river Rhein that flows through the city of Cologne. Working with folded paper, maps, autobiographical material, photos.

ART XL - My German Arboretum

Location: Baanhof Rotterdam
In collaboration with: Zeebelt Foundation, TENT, Municipality of Rotterdam, De Groot Fund, Elise Mathilde Foundation, Goethe Institute NL, Tijl Fund (PBF)

My German arboretum is my family tree. Mapping the lives and deaths of my ancestors. Mapping their names, positions and characteristics. About centuries and through History. 'I have spent a lot of my life making space for the dead. Only the rigorous practice of history can help us let the dead go; you can only forget them by remembering.' Hillary Mantel

RHEIN! – feat. Anna Seghers, The Dead Girls' Outing

In collaboration with: Goethe Institut Rotterdam

As part of the Goethe Investigating residencies I research past and future of a river. The Rhine, glorified as 'father' Rhine, romanticized by artists, abused by nationalists. How will his future look like? After drying up and making an end to transport between Switzerland, Germany and The Netherlands, will he find another industrial purpose - as a resource for Lithium? Image: Sander van Wettum

Museum night. European Breakup. Invisible Thread that connects us all

In collaboration with: CBK Rotterdam, Czech Center, Goethe Institut Rotterdam

I was supposed to show my work at the Museum Night and decided to ask other fellow artists to exhibit as well. Each work had 'a thought' towards Europe: Christine Saalfeld, Paul Perry, Caio Vita and Jeanine Verloop, Robin Kolleman, Regina Wenig and Martin Lejeune, Luis Maly, Katerina Konarovská. Image: Christine Saalfeld's research


In collaboration with: Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Cinedans Film Festival Amsterdam, Camera Japan Film Festival Rotterdam, Theater Rotterdam, Winterlicht Schiedam

Choreographer Sato Endo invited me to create the visuals for her piece MERGE. An indoor and outdoor performance in which dancers, video projection, sound and surroundings come together and merge. Site specific work that changes with each location. Image: Performer Angelina Deck on square 1940


In collaboration with: Kampnagel Hamburg, Sophiensaele Berlin, Galerie Feld+Haus Frankfurt

Collaboration with Regina Wenig. A long-term series of documentary theater performances. Based on interviews with a family with four young children. Over the course of 20 years we met and documented how their lives changed. Each time they entered the stage together with us. (And took a great risk). Image: mother of the family in her original wedding dress during a performance

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