Astrid Moors

schilderen - design - digitale technologie - interactief - publieke ruimte

It's all about rhythm, rhyme, order, nature and communication.
In my work I often depict people in situations, in groups or by themselves, passively immersed in their occupation. These individuals convey a contemporary type of loneliness. They have been captured while quietly residing in an indefinable, although usually recognizable, environment. It seems as if time stands still for a little while. In my most recent works no people are depicted, but the presence of man is tangible. What remains is a situation, an environment, a context.

The paintings are not only about their subject, (non-)communicating people, they are also about painting and paint, about layers, about depth and arrangement, about organic forms and digital rythms. About aesthetics.

My palette of possibilities reaches beyond paint: digital techniques and interaction can be used in the artworks as fits. I create paintings, interactive installations and a combination of the two.

In assignment I create site specific artworks for companys, schools, public space and you