Sheray Of Light

conceptueel - objecten - performance - sculptuur - textiel

Autodidact artist Sheray Of Light explores meaning, self-awareness and playfulness. She creates fashion designs and sculptures as a personal guideline to stay reminded of her essence. The themes softness and spaciousness always come back in her work. As a highly sensitive person those feelings are a necessity to nurture and spark her curiosity and vulnerability. By making softness and spaciousness part of the fundament of her designs or concepts it has a healing effect on herself and the experiencer of her work.

EASE SCULPTURE - EASE SCULPTURE — inflatable sculpture, recycled plastic, 3.40m X 8.12m X 60cm. While Sheray Of Light reflected on the feeling of resistance, the feeling of having a big wall surrounding her, she asked herself: 'What am I protecting?' By unpacking this and changing her perspective on it, the wall became lighter, the wall became transparent. Instead of seeing resistance as something to fight against she now sees it as a compassionate wall that’s lovingly guiding her towards her most truthful and authentic path. Each time she resists this assistance she feels the wall behind her, indicating the other direction. But when she just follows, trusts and allows to be embraced she can ease into it and ease into her being.
ENCOURAGEMENT PURSE - Handmade, recycled plastic, recycled packaging foam. "To align your actions with your essence"
EXPANSION SKIRT - Handmade, cotton. “Openly adjust to new understandings”