David Maroto

artistiek onderzoek - autobiografisch - beeldhouwen - conceptueel - educatie - experimenteel - installatie - interactief - internationaal - literair - media - muurschildering - performance - proces - publicatie - schrijven - spoken word - wetenschap & techniek

I am a visual artist and PhD from the Edinburgh College of Art, with a research project called 'The Artist's Novel: The Novel as a Medium in the Visual Arts', which has been recently published in a two-volume book (Mousse Publishing) . My practice is eminently interdisciplinary: I am active as a visual artist, researcher, and writer - all of which I simply summarize as being an artist. My research on the artist's novel and my interest in games have in common a creative exploration of their performative elements, which is more obvious in games, and in the artist's novel lies in the stimulation of faculties such as imagination, identification, and narrative empathy. As I understand it, art is something that happens and, from this viewpoint, it can be narrated.