Miriam Sentler

installatie - video - artistiek onderzoek - ecologie - omgeving

Sentler works within the mediums of (sound/video) installation, performance and artist publications. She is fascinated by the changing of industrial and modern landscapes and the migration of humans, animals and matter in these environments. In order to open various layers of a place up to the audience, she collaborates with scientists and individuals next to taking different roles during the process, learning skills affiliated to her current field of research. For example, she became a fisher and ceramist in order to replicate a fish fossil originating from a lignite pit for Descent into the Future (2020/2021), functioned as a hobby-ornithologist in the endangered woods of the Hambacher Forst for the Chase (2020) and explored the Antlantic Ocean as a modern-day shark hunter for Cairban (2021). Sacrifice is a central topic in Sentler’s work, where she questions if we should sacrifice nature and human environments to build potentially better habitats.


Tentoonstelling / presentatie

  • 09-07-2022 t/m 11-09-2022
  • Locatie: RADIUS CCA, Delft
  • CLIMATE OF CONCERN is the second exhibition of the Underland year program. Through the work of nine artists, the current over-indebtedness to the fossil fuel industry and mineral extractivism are examined. With works by Bianca Bondi, Julian Charriére, Amalie Jakobsen, Regina de Miquel, Agniezka Polska, Lisa Rave, Oliver Ressler, Miriam Sentler and Sam Smith.
  • http://radius-cca.org/en/exhibitions/underland-chapter-2-climate-of-concern

Exhibition: Still Waters Run Deep - Nieuw Dakota

Tentoonstelling / presentatie

  • 26-06-2022 t/m 07-08-2022
  • In samenwerking met: VU Environmental Research Centre, curated by Marlies Augustijn
  • Locatie: Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam
  • is a group exhibition about the interaction between man and water, curated by curator Marlies Augustijn, in which seven artists share their vision on extraction and connection. With artists Phoebe Boswell, Deep Time Agency (Miriam Sentler & Wouter Osterholt), Patrick Hough, Esther Kokmeijer, Kasia Molgas and Hannah Rowan.
  • https://www.mondriaanfonds.nl/mogelijk-gemaakt/nieuw-dakota-presenteert-de-tentoonstelling-still-waters-run-deep/

Residency: Jester (formerly: CIAP/FLACC) & Emile van Dorenmuseum

Residenties / uitwisseling

  • 30-05-2022 t/m 12-06-2022
  • In samenwerking met: Emile van Dorenmuseum
  • Locatie: FLACC, Genk
  • Residency with Jester (the organisation which originated from the merging of CIAP kunstverein and FLACC, workplace for professional artists), in collaboration with the Emile van Dorenmuseum, Genk.
  • https://www.flacc.info/nl

Commission: Nieuwe Uitzichten - Museum Bommel van Dam & Odapark


  • 15-06-2021 t/m 09-09-2022
  • In samenwerking met: Gemeente Tegelen
  • Locatie: Tegelen, Venray en Venlo, Tegelen, Venray en Venlo
  • Museum van Bommel van Dam and Odapark in Venray have jointly started Nieuwe Uitzichten. Supported by the North Limburg Culture Region, nine artists and designers from the Euregion around North Limburg are developing a project within this exhibition that contributes to the greening of our living environment. Each artist focuses on a specific location. In these nine places, efforts are being made towards a green intervention in the public space.
  • https://deeptimeagency.com/swamp-palace

Exhibition: Prospects - Art Rotterdam

Tentoonstelling / presentatie

  • 17-05-2022 t/m 22-05-2022
  • In samenwerking met: Mondriaan Fonds
  • Locatie: van Nellefabriek, Rotterdam
  • The Mondriaan Fund organizes the annual Prospects exhibition to give an extra impulse to the visibility of starting artists. Having them all together at Art Rotterdam gives art professionals and collectors, as well as a broad group of interested visitors, the opportunity to become acquainted with the work of these promising artists.
  • https://www.mondriaanfonds.nl/en/activities/prospects-mondriaan-fund-shows-talent/

Exhibition: Exploded View - Arti et Amictiae

Tentoonstelling / presentatie

  • 25-02-2022 t/m 29-04-2022
  • In samenwerking met: CLUE+, Stichting in Principio, Zone2Source
  • Locatie: Arti et Amicitiae , Amsterdam
  • In 2018 and 2019, 13 international artists went on an extended research period to the Parco Regionalle Dell´Appia Antica in Rome (IT). The final works were on show at Arti et Amicitiae Amsterdam in February 2022.
  • https://www.arti.nl/tentoonstelling/exploded-view/

Performance: The Chase - CIAP Kunstverein


  • 14-08-2021 t/m 15-08-2021
  • In samenwerking met: Artist talk with composer Drake Stoughton and guided tour by ornithologist Johan Schoonaert
  • Locatie: Winterslag, C-Mine, Genk
  • CIAP invites Miriam to be the next guest to animate a piece of public furniture — the heated daybed, realised on the C-mine site by Ciel Grommen and Maximiliaan Royakkers. Departing from the question of how to inhabit the ‘disturbed landscape’ of Winterslag, their project Le Paysage Ménagé provided both a physical and theoretical framework for future interventions on site. Miriam Sentler’s talk and auditory performance is the second episode in the series of events.
  • https://ciap.be/projects/events/thechase

Residency: USF Verftet

Residenties / uitwisseling

  • 15-09-2021 t/m 15-11-2021
  • In samenwerking met: Stiftelsen Kulturhuset USF and Bergen Kommune
  • Locatie: USF Verftet, Bergen
  • USF Verftet and the council of Bergen offers a residency to professional artists of all fields. The aim is to strengthen, promote and develop collaborations between contemporary artists in Bergen and foreign artists. Yearly, an average of eight international artists and writers are selected for the residency program.
  • https://www.airbergen.no/

Residency: KNOCKvologan

Residenties / uitwisseling

  • 12-07-2021 t/m 08-08-2021
  • In samenwerking met: Environmental humanities researcher Sadie Hale
  • Locatie: Isle of Mull, Knockvologan, Schotland
  • The KNOCKvologan residency offers a remote refuge for art, literature, research and nature preservation and strengthens collaborations between artists, writers, researchers and the local community.
  • https://knockvologan.net

Artist talk: Building an Archive of a Disappearing Landscape - Looiersgracht 60


  • 20-09-2019 t/m 23-09-2019
  • In samenwerking met: In conversation with Mariam Zulfiqar (curator UP Projects London)
  • Locatie: Printing Plant Art Book Fair - Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam
  • Panel discussion with artist Miriam Sentler and ecologist Kees van Oers (KNAW), moderated by Mariam Zulfiqar (UP Projects London). In the context of Printing Plant Art Book Fair during Amsterdam Art Week.
  • https://www.looiersgracht60.org

Commission: Exploded View Rome


  • 01-04-2017 t/m 25-02-2022
  • In samenwerking met: VU CLUE+, Zone2Source, Stichting in Principio, MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art Rome
  • Locatie: Parco Regionale Dell´ Appia Antica, Rome
  • In 2018 and 2019, 13 international artists went on an extended research period to the Parco Regionalle Dell´Appia Antica in Rome (IT). The project took place within the artistic research project Exploded View, organized by curator Dr. Krien Clevis, Prof. dr. Gert-Jan Burgers (VU-Chair in Mediterranean archaeology and heritage/director CLUE+) and Alice Smits (artistic director Zone2Source Amsterdam).
  • https://www.explodedview.net

Residency: RAVI (Résidences Ateliers Vivegnis International)

Residenties / uitwisseling

  • 01-04-2018 t/m 02-07-2018
  • Locatie: RAVI, Liége
  • The Résidences-Ateliers Vivegnis International fall within the tradition of participating in the development of the visual arts sector, an area to which the City of Liège has devoted continual attention. With RAVI, the City of Liège wishes to help artists develop their practice as well as to invite them to take part in current debates and to engage with elements from their environment.
  • https://www.ravi-liege.eu

Commission: Overgangszone


  • 01-10-2016 t/m 24-09-2017
  • Locatie: ENCI marl quarry , Maastricht
  • Transition Zone is a project about connections, participation and visibility. It is a project about art and research, and the presentation of its results in situ, in the ENCI area. This special location is one in which various experienced notions of place are making particular changes possible. Consequently, we invited 12 young artists who will follow the different parties involved, for one and a half year.
  • https://overgangszone.nl/

Exhibition: Ten is for God - Neverneverland

Tentoonstelling / presentatie

  • 09-04-2018 t/m 16-04-2018
  • In samenwerking met: Universiteit van Amsterdam - Master Artistic Research
  • Locatie: Mid-term Exhibition Artistic Research, Amsterdam
  • Mid-term exhibition of the MA Artistic Research students of the University of Amsterdam.
  • https://www.nevernever.nl

Exhibition: KRIEG Gallery - Elite 2018

Tentoonstelling / presentatie

Exhibition: Marres Currents: Running Time

Tentoonstelling / presentatie

  • 14-12-2016 t/m 12-02-2017
  • In samenwerking met: curated by Bas Hendrikx and Barbara Cueto
  • Locatie: Marres, Centre for Contemporary Culture, Maastricht
  • Marres Currents #4: Running Time was a group-exhibition with artists who recently graduated in Belgium, the Ruhrgebiet in Germany, and the south of the Netherlands.
  • https://marres.org/en/programmas/marres-currents-4-running-time-2/

Exhibition: Start Up Slow Accident - Nieuw Dakota

Tentoonstelling / presentatie

  • 26-02-2017 t/m 31-03-2017
  • In samenwerking met: Curated by Paul Devens
  • Locatie: Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam
  • With the Start-up program line, Nieuw Dakota offers a new generation of young, ambitious and innovative artists a chance to make their debut. This edition of Start-up shows work by artists from the Fine Arts department of the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design (MaFAD). Visual artist and MaFAD teacher Paul Devens curates the exhibition, with work by Simon Weins (D), Eline Kersten (NL), Joep Hinssen (NL), Sara Bachour (IT), Gladys Zeevaarders (NL), Thomas Hütten (D ), Maarten Davidse (NL).
  • http://www.nieuwdakota.com

Exhibition: Young Masters - Media Art Festival Friesland

Tentoonstelling / presentatie

  • 01-12-2016 t/m 08-01-2017
  • Locatie: Oude Kerk, Leeuwarden
  • The objective of the Media Art Friesland Foundation is to promote, initiate and organize cultural events in the field of media art, as well as to perform all other activities insofar as these are related to or may be beneficial to the foregoing, all in the broadest sense of the word. . Our core activity is organizing the annual Media Art Festival (MAF). This consists of the Young Masters exhibition with works by 15 talented young artists.
  • https://mediaartfriesland.nl/2016/category/young-masters/index.html

Exhibition: Fresh Cacao - De Cacaofabriek

Tentoonstelling / presentatie

  • 15-08-2016 t/m 15-09-2016
  • Locatie: Cacaofabriek, Helmond
  • Fresh Cacao is the annual exhibition with work by young artists who graduated last summer. De Cacaofabriek believes it is important to offer young artists the opportunity to present themselves and develop further. Eleven artists from five academies have been selected: Breda and Den Bosch (AKV Sint Joost), AKI Enschede, Utrecht (HKU) and Maastricht academy of Fine Arts.
  • https://cacaofabriek.nl

Exhibition: Best of Graduates - Gallery Ron Mandos

Tentoonstelling / presentatie

  • 05-08-2016 t/m 27-08-2016
  • Locatie: Gallery Ron Mandos, Amsterdam
  • Following on previous years, team Ron Mandos along with curator Radek Vana visited all of the Dutch art academies to select new and upcoming talents for the annual summer exhibition: BEST OF GRADUATES 2016. The ninth edition will take place from the 5th to the 27th of August 2016. The exhibition welcomes 25 newly graduated artists with a wide variety of media and styles.
  • https://ronmandos.nl/exhibition/best-of-graduates-2016/


  • Mondriaan Fonds - Jong Talent/ Stipendium for Emerging Artists

  • 2021
  • Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds/ Tijl Fonds - Project Grant for Production Textielmuseum Tilburg

  • 2021
  • Stichting Stokroos - Project Grant for Production at Textielmuseum Tilburg

  • 2021
  • Gerbrandy Cultuurfonds - Residency Grant for KNOCKvologan Studies

  • 2021
  • Stichting Niemeijer Fonds - Project Grant for Concrete Reef

  • 2022
  • BBK Neustart Berlin - Project Grant for Ancestors Rising

  • 2022
  • Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie - Project Grant for Planktos VS Goliath

  • 2022
  • Ron Mandos Young Blood award Nominee

  • 2016
  • Henriette Hustinxprijs Nominee

  • 2016
  • Young Master Award Nominee - Media Art Festival

  • 2016
  • Nomination Stichting C.o.C.A Foundation Art Prize

  • 2022
  • Shifting Earth Archivers: Human and Non-Human Memory, Activism and Archiving in Relation to North-Rhine Westphalian Lignite Industry

  • 2020
  • Thesis
  • Amsterdam University Press - Miriam Sentler, supervised by Miriam van Rijsingen and Paula Albuquerque