Miriam Sentler

installatie - video - artistiek onderzoek - ecologie - omgeving

Sentler works within the mediums of (sound/video) installation, performance and artist publications. She is fascinated by the changing of industrial and modern landscapes and the migration of humans, animals and matter in these environments. In order to open various layers of a place up to the audience, she collaborates with scientists and individuals next to taking different roles during the process, learning skills affiliated to her current field of research. For example, she became a fisher and ceramist in order to replicate a fish fossil originating from a lignite pit for Descent into the Future (2020/2021), functioned as a hobby-ornithologist in the endangered woods of the Hambacher Forst for the Chase (2020) and explored the Antlantic Ocean as a modern-day shark hunter for Cairban (2021). Sacrifice is a central topic in Sentler’s work, where she questions if we should sacrifice nature and human environments to build potentially better habitats.